Closet editing, also referred to as a"closet clean out" or "closet purge" is a process of going through all of your closet items one by one and discussing the purpose each item. Is there a need for that piece in your current life? We sort your clothing, shoes, accessories and undergarments and determine whether each item fits correctly, is functional, that you know how to wear it and style it properly, and you have a purpose for it. My belief is that our personal items hold on to energy, and sifting through and paring down your wardrobe is an important component to feeling good and confident in your clothing. This process takes 3-6 hours depending on your wardrobe size. We sort things into categories, after which I help you organize and style your closet so that by the time I leave it feels beautiful and new!

The categories we sort into are:

1. Needs to be altered (I have a tailor I work with)
2. For consignment (I consign your items for you at the time of closet edit)
3. For donation (I can donate to one of the 3 charities I work with)
4. Keepsakes to hang or place in a bin
5. Trial separation (place these in a bin out of sight)
6. Off season storage

How much does this cost? 

Pricing varies depending on the size of your wardrobe EMAIL me for a quote. 

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Want more after closet edit personal shopping support? 

I refer my clients to Renée Lara Style. 

Renée and I have been friends and worked together for 15 years. Reneé has a very approachable real life ability to offer ongoing or one time personal styling services. She was one of the first friends that inspired me to work in wardrobe styling when I was in corporate management and even supported me when I was brand new and coached my employees on how to dress with confidence. She was also one of the first friends who I told I was going to open my boutique about 7 years ago and she helped me a lot to brainstorm the stores look and feel with her years of experience styling at Anthropologie. You can reach out to her HERE and read more about her. 


I'm available for EDITORIAL STYLING:

Style is about capturing a vibe and letting the creativity of the concept come forward authentically. One of my favorite parts of my job is styling shoots for brands, boutiques and publications.