I am a connector, an entrepreneur, and a professional stylist — One of the greatest joys in my life is supporting other women; lifting them up and helping them find what makes them shine. I love to see people working with their natural gifts and living their passion. Through my shop, Consign Couture, I have been able to use my little corner of the world to dress women of all shapes and sizes, and help them build their confidence and feel empowered. I believe style starts with confidence, smart shopping and the knowledge that your wardrobe should reflect who you are. And sometimes that confidence needs a little boost from someone you can trust, and sometimes you need a guide to make smart shopping decisions, and sometimes you need someone to make you try on things you never would to really find the wardrobe that reflects who you are.

Speaking Engagements:

For fourteen years I have been motivating staff and developing teams, helping others find their confidence. From Pepsi Co. to the Portland Women's Expo, I've engaged audiences with stories and strategies to build better teams and strengthen the confidence of individuals seeking direction.  More recently I have been asked to speak about my personal story of financial abuse and my return as a changed, financially empowered woman. My speaking topics include:

Personal Confidence - Changing The Plan

How to Run a Small Business and Build a Thriving Community

Personal Styling - Personal and Professional Attire

How to Shop Smarter

Financial Confidence and Independence

Building Your Team




"Tamara Young is a closet genius! Her advice, encouragement and expertise helped me build a wardrobe I not only love but one that makes me feel powerful. I'm truly grateful that I found her and her gorgeous shop, Consign Couture."  -Sarah Gabbart


"Tamara is just amazing! I’m a busy working mom of 3 boys and willingly admit I put myself (and style) at the bottom of the list. I was hesitant to let her into my messy, very outdated closet, but she was so kind and really helped me let go of clothing that didn’t do anything for me. At the end of the “purge” my closet was organized and welcoming. Tamara then helped me rebuild my wardrobe with easy, flattering styles that I could mix and match easily. I can’t say enough good things about her service and her shop!"  -Megan Jones


"Consign couture has been a PDX favorite of mine for over 4 years, but it wasn't until meeting the shops owner, Tamara Young that I fully understood why. Tamara is fully invested in our community and the shop is a beautiful reflection of that! Tamara young, is a local business owner who also cares about community. Not only did she help me with decluttering and reorganizing...she is a true professional when it comes to closet clean outs, savvy shopping advice, couture styling for anyone of any size, establishing color pallets, etc...Tamara is a living inspiration to all those she meets and works with, literally improving one life at a time by sharing her different areas of expertise on a case by case basis."  -CC Barber


"Last year we had an opportunity to bring Tamara in to speak with a large group of female team leaders at PepsiCo's division of Frito Lay.  We were looking for a strong female to showcase confidence, strength, and courage.  Tam did just that! Tamara took us through her journey over the last few years of Financial abuse and the road back to where she is today.  She told us about her struggles with confidence and importance of a support network.  She showcased an authentic style proving her confidence in herself and her new path.  She told us about her endless efforts to get to a better place and while the journey has been difficult, we were humbled by her messaging.  Every woman was able to take away significant learnings, insights, and reflection after listening to Tamara's story and was humbled by her straight forward messaging and candid storytelling approach.  Tamara gave hope to those who have been in similar situations, as well as being a pillar for strength in tough times.  Several of the women to this day ask about Tamara and her small business in Portland Oregon, wanting to support her whether is hello from afar or shopping in her store now knowing her story." - Talia Monroe, Director of Sales, Frito Lay